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Why a Premium .com Domain?

Safe & Secure Process

You Are Protected

Domain purchases are securely processed through trusted 3rd party, This insures the safety of your funds while you are waiting to take possession of your new domain name.

Lighting Fast Transfers

Once confirms receipt of your funds, you will take delivery of your new domain name within hours.

100% Guaranteed Delivery

Once you have received your new domain name, simply confirm receipt through This allows them to finalize the transaction & insures that delivery of your new domain name is 100% guaranteed.


A premium domain name is a name that contains certain characteristics causing it to be valued more highly than others.  

There are usually multiple reasons behind this but typically revolve around the domain name being a combination of concise, catchy, brandable, memorable, descriptive, containing important keywords, and/or uniquely appealing for specific reasons.

Each domain name is completely unique as there is only one like it in the world.

Good domain names can sell for as little as a few hundred dollars to tens of millions of dollars for ultra premium one or two word domain names.

To help get a gauge for what some recent domain market sales look like, visit:

Yes. We have bought and sold thousands of domain names over the past 20+ years. 

The process that we use to buy and sell domain names through is considered to be the most secure (for both parties) in the entire industry.

The bottom line is this:  if you don’t receive your domain name, you keep your funds.

Most domain sales are typically processed within 24-48 hours.  

The majority of our domains are registered through

If you have an account there, or decide to set up a new account there, we can “push” your new domain over to your GoDaddy account very quickly, usually in a few hours.

If not, we can simply transfer your new domain name to any registrar you’d like. is a trusted, independent, 3rd party, global, escrow services company.

Since they are an independent, 3rd party company, they protect both the buyer and the seller in the transaction.

If the buyer doesn’t perform, they don’t get their domain name.

If the seller doesn’t perform, they don’t get compensated. accepts most major forms of payment like Bank Wires, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & more. has a long history of safe & secure domain transactions.


We can usually find another workaround as long as both parties are protected.  

As soon as funds are received and confirmed through, your domain name is then transferred to your specified domain registrar.  

Once you take delivery/possession of your new domain, and confirm custody of it in your account with GoDaddy, etc., you are now the proud owner of your new domain name.  Congrats!

You can use any domain registrar you would like.

That being said, most of our domain names are held with GoDaddy and we find the quickest turnaround to be with them since we can simply “push” the domain name to your GoDaddy account.

This method is the fastest way we’ve found to rapidly expedite most transactions.

From there, once you own your new domain name, you can transfer it away from GoDaddy to another domain registrar if you’d like.

Yes.  We offer domain purchase payment plans up to 24 months. 

What’s nice about this option is it allows you to immediately begin using your new domain name, while allowing your business to finance it over time.

Let us know if this is something you might be interested in and we can discuss the details with you. charges a nominal processing fee for domain name purchases which is typically paid by the buyer.

You can calculate fees using their fee calculator tool.

There are no “hidden” fees.

Each of our domain sales  are transacted in confidence (kept private) and we prefer it that way.

We don’t share any of your info (name, email, etc) with anyone outside of the transaction.

Yes.  You can use crypto to buy a domain name. We’ve done it before and are big proponents of the tech. 

Just let us know if this is something you would like to do and we can discuss the best ways to accommodate your request. 

Yes we do buy domain names from time to time.   

If you have quality names for sale, please feel free to let us know and we will be happy to take a look at your inventory.

Yes we do.

Over the years we have acquired many domain names that were originally purchased & earmarked for specific development projects that got shelved for various reasons.

We often receive inquiries or requests to purchase these domain names and so yes, we will help serve as the intermediary broker in the transaction and broker them for the original owners if they are ready to sell.  

If you are interested in a specific type of name, let us know.

We’ll let you know if we have something that might work for your project.

Yes.  Of course.  Having done it for over 20 years, it’s something that we believe we are very skilled at, while also potentially saving you a lot of money as well. 

We’ve been working with individuals, business owners, and organizations on their business naming convention for the past 20 years.  

We help people both name their new businesses, as well as rebrand them, while also securing the accompanying domain name and any other relevant IP for them as well.

In general, yes – we’d be more than happy to help.

That being said, this will ultimately depend on the scope of your project, the functionality & integrations needed as well as the timeframes involved.

If you’d like more info, please please let us know or reach out to our sister company / digital agency at

The Next Steps

#1 - Make Offer

Buyer clicks "make offer" button and submits their offer to purchase the domain name. As soon as we receive an inquiry we will consider the offer and respond within 24 hours.

#2 - Negotiate

Once we review the initial offer, we will either accept, decline, or follow up to negotiate terms. Once we have come to terms and the buyer's offer is accepted, we will then set up the transaction through

#3 - Payment Processing

The purchase transaction is set up through will notify both parties (buyer & seller) via email. The buyer receives instructions on how to make payment through Once payment is secured through, the seller is notified via email to begin to transfer the domain to the buyer.

#4 - Domain Delivery

Once notifies seller that funds have been received, seller then begins the transfer process to move the domain to the buyer's personal domain account with their pre-specified registrar of choice.

#5 - Close Escrow

Once the buyer confirms receipt & custody of their new domain name, they simply confirm receipt through to notify all parties. The buyer's confirmation allows to finalize the transaction & insures that the transaction is finalized & closed.

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