We are living in a hyper-connected world in which each and every great business idea needs an impactful, memorable brand name & corresponding domain name.  Just as your home’s address allows friends & family to visit you, a “domain name” serves the same function online.  It’s how we navigate from website to website.

Domains are vitally important to modern commerce because they allow you to control the who, what, when, where, & why (“the message”) and the permanent location (“the where”) in which your message is being delivered consistently to your target audience. 

When you carve out your own section of the web with your very own domain asset, it’s yours to do with as you please.  You won’t be nearly as dependent on the “walled gardens” of big social media companies who have us at their whim.  

Whether you are a small business owner, creating a new business for the first time or you are a project manager for a large corporation, there is really nothing that you can do that’s more important than selecting the proper name for your new project from jump.  Yes – it’s truly that important.  So much so that the naming process can (and often does) take weeks and months.  

After all, everything you do (website, social media handles, printed items, promo goods, advertising, trade shows, business cards, etc. etc.) will all flow from the new brand you select and its corresponding domain name.  It’s critical that you own the domain name for your brand and any variations associated with it.

Taking the time to position yourself properly and getting setup with the right brand and corresponding domain from jump allows your brand to both resonate with your audience and can serve as a catalyst to help propel your organization to new heights.  

Domain names are “digtal assets” in their truest sense.  Choosing a great domain name can provide you with instant brand authority, credibility, power and impact to your business or project.  

This is exactly why a single, undeveloped, domain name can sell for millions of dollars.  Just for the name.  

In fact, the domain name “Voice . com” recently sold $30,000,000.  Yep, you read that right, proving once again that a good domain name is indeed, a highly valuable digital asset in the right hands.

In order to put the wind at your back, some serious thought needs to go into selecting the right name up front in order to help gain traction, liftoff, resonance, and memorability.  This is something that’s extremely important to get right up front because having to go through a costly re-branding down the road is not something you’ll want to have to experience as you are trying to manage your business.    

So what actually makes a good domain name? 

Each domain name is unique, like a diamond, because there is only one like it.  While .com still reigns supreme, surely you could register the same name in another domain extension, say .net or .org, etc., depending upon your goals & objectives for your project.  

However, as your business or project grows over time, how much business will you potentially lose, as you leak away traffic and customers to the person who owns the .com extension?   That’s a question that you need to take seriously and answer up front if you are serious about growing your business and saving yourself time, money, & potential headaches down the road.

We’ve been helping people navigate these questions for almost 20 years.  We can help with your domain name strategy, naming convention, brand strategy, domain name selection, domain acquisitions, negotiations, and stealth name acquisitions.

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