It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 20 years since many of us have migrated our personal and business presences online.  

In this day and age of hyper-connectivity, it’s tough to be taken seriously by consumers when they can’t find you online.  This necessitates the need for a legit, modern, responsive, optimized website which can be found easily and functions properly in order to best serve your audience.  

We can help provide assistance with not only your domain name and brand messaging, but also with your new site, it’s design elements such as logos & graphics, functionality, backups, support, as well as keyword research, PPC campaigns, social strategy, content marketing strategy, SEO, and ongoing support as needed.  

Typically, the folks we work with fall into one of three categories.  They’re either looking to launch a new venture, create a site for an existing business, or they have an outdated site in need of a refresh.  Either way they want a site that fully represents their project or business and maximizes its full potential online.  

Maybe their old site doesn’t function properly any longer or elements of their business have changed which are not being reflected properly.  It’s also possible that they have broken code or links which don’t function properly any longer.  

In other cases, maybe they’ve used an online website builder to get something online a few years ago but now as their business has grown they are realizing the long-term limitations with respect to functionality, limitations to migrating away to another platform in the future, or are just tired of paying the annual fees each year for a site that doesn’t meet their needs or the needs of their customers.  

Either way, we can help. One of the things we specialize in is creating clean, appealing, responsive websites for people, projects, and businesses that load quickly, function properly on any device, are reliable, secure, backed up daily, and can be updated on the fly as needed.  These sites typically range from 5-30 pages. 

We can also provide support on the back end with things like SEO strategy (both on page and off), keyword, and content marketing strategy in order to help them generate traffic much faster and get found more quickly in the SERPs.

Thanks for visiting & we hope you’ll reach out soon to learn how we might be able to help you and your team.